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Technology has revolutionised the way the world does business. So it should be no surprise that organisations choosing to embrace technology are growing faster than ever before. Clarimont has a proven track record of helping clients use technology to achieve their goals and reach new heights of growth, efficiency and innovation.

What we do

  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads
  • Drive Direct Sales
  • Change Behaviour
  • Reduce Costs
  • Educate
28,204,077 Number of internet impressions for a single campaign

Raise Brand Awareness

With traditional advertising losing its effectiveness, marketers needs to come up with innovative and clever solutions to reach potential and existing customers. Clarimont provides clients with a wide range of alternatives to maximise brand awareness and return on investment.

Driving Real-world Results

Using a combination of online advertising, social media, A/B testing and content marketing Clarimont facilitated more than 28 million impressions for our client within a 12 week time frame. With conversion rates reaching 15% for certain segments, increased enquries and sales post-campaign, this project was a huge success.

1294 Leads generated in a single day

Generate Leads

Well-qualified leads who are already committed to the purchasing process are a great boost for any business. From mobile apps to websites, from online advertising to social media campaigns, Clarimont have a comprehensive toolbox which is put to good use in generating high quality leads for clients.

Driving Real-world Results

Generating leads at a major expo with plenty of competitors present requires something unique. By developing a user-friendly app combined with gaming elements and lead capture - delivered on devices hanging from the ceiling - we ensured that our client's expo area drew record crowds and captured well over 1200 qualified leads.

No. 1 The market position of a client within 6 months from launch

Drive Direct Sales

With online retail beginning to dominate the market is some sectors, having a strong eCommerce system integrated with an effective front-end is a necessity in today's digital world. Clarimont have been helping businesses develop such systems for many years with outstanding results.

Driving Real-world Results

Assessing our client's industry competition and designing a solution that was smarter, easier-to-use and more secure was the goal for this project. Combining this software with some clever online and content marketing tactics, we were able to drive our client to number one position within six months from launch.

1/5 The proportion of a tree saved by delivering a single executive report on mobile devices

Change Behaviour

Changing the behaviour of employees and customers can be a daunting task. How do you improve the adoption of wokrplace health and safety in your organisation? How do you increase environmental awareness? Drive behavioural change with Clarimont's tailor made solutions.

Driving Real-world Results

Reducing the amount of paper used in the office was a key environmental goal for our client. By moving just one executive report from paper onto tablet devices, Clarimont helped to save one fifth of a tree per year (approximately 1560 pieces of paper).

$93,600 Amount saved by allowing remote timesheet entries

Reduce Costs

By automating and/or mobilising cumbersome processes, businesses can experience benefits such as increased productivity, greater data accuracy and of course, reduced costs. Cost-benefit analysis is an important part of the work done by Clarimont to determine high-impact projects for our clients.

Driving Real-world Results

Every Friday afternoon our client's team of 30 engineers made a trip of approximately one hour to complete weekly timesheets. By allowing remote timesheeting functionality, this project resulted in increased productivity, improved data accurancy and proved itself to have an excellent ROI within the first few months.

97% Student rating of Clarimont courses as 'Good' or 'Excellent'


Clarimont have an in-house training and assessment team who are able to design and develop customised and/or standardised solutions for our clients. Using the latest eLearning software, students can learn anytime, anywhere on any device.

Driving Real-world Results

For this client we delivered an integrated solution of eCommerce, eLearning and a website combined with an aggressive online marketing strategy. Our eLearning team analysed client needs thoroughly and delivered courses that are consistently rated 'Excellent' (78%) or 'Good' (19%) by students.

Work with Clarimont

We understand what matters. We work closely with our clients to gain a deeper appreciation of the organisation and its goals. By asking the right questions and listening carefully we quickly learn what's important and what's not. We provide guidance but we never dictate and we always work in partnership with our clients. We believe this is the right way to deliver the very best results.

As a client you can expect exceptional service and a down to earth approach to doing business. Needless to say, we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients' expectations.

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